What do these abbreviations mean?

AC = Access Code. These codes can be redeemed online to gain access to materials directly related to your course. Some access codes also include an eBook.
Note: access codes are final sale.

BV = Binder Version. These packages are loose leaf versions of the textbook that are three hole punched and ready to go in a binder. Compared to the bound textbook, binder versions offer a cost savings of 20-40%.
Note: binder versions cannot be sold at buyback.

CP = Course Pack. Selected readings are chosen by your instructor and packaged in a course pack that is produced on campus.
Note: All course packs are final sale.

ECP = Electronic Course Pack.  Same as a CP (above), but available electronically.

CSTM = Custom book. These books are created specifically for your course at SFU by the instructor and ordered from the publisher.

EBOOK = eTextbook or eText. An eBook is a digital copy of the textbook and often packaged with publisher's online homework. We sell access codes for subscriptions to eBooks usually allowing access for 180 days.

PKG = Package. These are textbooks that are shrink wrap packaged with additional content, such as solutions manuals or access codes.

Required = Your instructor has indicated this course material is necessary for the successful completion of the course.

Choice = The course material is required, but you may select one of multiple options of the course material. All materials listed as Choice are the same edition, just different formats to match your preference and budget.

Recommended = Your instructor has indiated this material is not required for the course, but can be useful for self study or additional practice. Recommended titles are available in limited quantities.

ACCESS VIA SFU LIBR = This material can be fully accessed by students online via the SFU Library website.