What you need to know:

Online orders are processed Monday to Friday, 10am-4:30pm. Orders placed before 1pm will be available after 4:30pm the same day. If your items are out of stock or are located at another campus, please allow for additional time for your order to be ready. If you prefer to wait until all of your items are available, please make a note in the checkout comments. We no longer supply plastic bags for our online order pick ups. Please let us know if you'd like us to add a reusable bag for your order.

   These are three steps:
  1. Place your order online at sfu.ca/bookstore and select Locker Pick Up at checkout.
  2. When your order is ready, you will receive an email with an unique code to collect your order from the lockers.
  3. Scan your code at the locker terminal to retrieve your order.

Smart Lockers FAQs:

What are Smart Lockers?
Smart Lockers are a secure way to pick up your online order at your convenience. Since the lockers are located adjacent to the Bookstore, your order is available for pick up outside of Bookstore hours, allowing for evening and weekend pick up.
How does it work?
After placing your online order, select Locker Pick Up from the delivery options. You will receive an email with your unique pick up code when your order is ready. At the locker terminal, scan the QR code to retrieve your order. You will be prompted to sign for your order. After you've collected your item(s) and your copy of the invoice, close the locker door and you're done. You have 48 hours to pick up your order from the lockers at the campus of your choice.
Where are the lockers located?
At the Burnaby campus: on the 1000 level of the Maggie Benston Building, across from the Bookstore pick up counter.
At the Surrey campus: outside of the Bookstore entrance, facing the Registrar's office in the Mezzanine.
Is there a charge for locker pick up?
Yes, it is the same as in store pick up, $5 per order.
My barcode didn't scan. Can I still pick up my order?
Yes, you can also enter the unique code from your confirmation email into the keypad to collect your order.
My order was missing an item or I didn't get the right item I ordered.
Please contact us at eshop@sfu.ca. Please note, your order may be split into multiple pick ups if some items are out of stock. The pick up fee is only charged once per order, not per shipment or pick up.
I didn't pick up my order within 48 hours, how can I receive my order?
Your order will be available from the pick up counter during store hours. If you are not able to collect your order during store hours, contact us at eshop@sfu.ca to get a new pick up code.
Have more questions?
Please contact us at eshop@sfu.ca.