Sponsored Student Accounts

This page is intended for Sponsored Student Accounts.

Your student account has been set up in the SFU Bookstore system and you are ready to purchase course materials that will be charged to your sponsor's account. *Very Important* Please click or type the following customized link for purchasing your course materials: https://shop.sfu.ca/sponsoredstudent  If you just navigate to shop.sfu.ca, the process below will not work.

The customized link will be available for you to use until September 30th, 2023 – which is the final day to make purchases.

Please shop our website by using the “Search for Course Materials” option under the Course Materials section of the menu bar. Do not select “My Personalized Course Materials.” When checking out your online cart, you must continue beyond the Gift Cards & Promotions screen to have the "Sponsored" button available as a payment method. Once you have selected "Sponsored", enter your 9 digit student number. 

Last day for returning items is September 25th, 2023. NOTE: All digital course materials provided by the Bookstore are strictly FINAL SALE. If you wish to return items that are eligible for a refund, please email products@sfu.ca and indicate "Student Number xxxxxxxxx - Refund Request" in the subject line. Purchases for sponsored student accounts will be accepted between September 1st – September 30th; however, items purchased between September 25th - September 30th are FINAL SALE. 

Please note that our course floor is open, and you will be able to browse the course floor for your textbooks if they are available as physical copies.  Please check textbook availability on https://shop.sfu.ca/Course/campus prior to coming on-site.

     · If a textbook does not appear on https://shop.sfu.ca/Course/campus , please contact your professor to confirm that the textbook is still required or recommended for the course.

     · If the textbook is required and SFU will not be carrying it, students should place a special order via e-mail by contacting products@sfu.ca. The student should enter “Sponsored Student (enter your student number)” in the subject line and ensure that the ISBN, title, course name, course section, desired format (digital vs hardcopy) is included in the body of the email.

     · Please note that if a textbook shows as being “on order”, the textbook is not available for purchase yet. 

Lastly – please adhere to the purchase guidelines of your sponsorship group. If you are not sure whether an item might be covered by your sponsorship funds – please reach out to your student sponsorship group before making that purchase. Most sponsors do not cover the cost of items that are not either textbooks or lab/school supplies (i.e. - clothing, backpacks, or giftware etc.). 

If purchases made are outside of sponsorship guidelines, students are personally responsible for covering the cost of those items.

If you have any questions or concerns please email products@sfu.ca