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SFU Sportmixer Bottle 28oz White


Colour: White

Size: 28


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Product Description

The new BlenderBottle SportMixer Twist Grip delivers versatility, spill-proof security, and a rock-solid grip. This hybrid bottle is a perfect hydration companion, and a premium mixer for your next protein shake. The firm, feel-good textured grip helps you hold on tight to the bottle, even when sweating through your toughest workouts. The stylish twist cap provides a secure, leak-proof seal, ensuring that when your bottle is closed, it’s closed completely.

Product Features

  • Twist cap for spill-proof security
  • Textured grip ensures a firm hold
  • Foldaway carry loop
  • Leak-proof guarantee
  • Patented mixing system
  • Stain and odor-resistant
  • 28oz