Sponsored Student Accounts

Once the SFU Bookstore has received details on your sponsorship from your student accounts group - we will set up your student account in the SFU Bookstore system so that you can purchase course materials that will be charged to your sponsor's account.

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your account to be set up. If you are unsure whether your account has been activated in our Bookstore system, please email bookstore_accounts@sfu.ca so that we can check for you before you make your purchase.

In the event that you are not in our Bookstore system - please contact your sponsorship group:

Sponsorship Group Email Contact Person
ISC ask_isc@sfu.ca Gordon Yusko
WUSC issadmin@sfu.ca Wafaa Zaqout


When you are ready to purchase, please type or click the following customized link for purchasing your course materials: https://shop.sfu.ca/sponsoredstudent   (If you just navigate to shop.sfu.ca, the payment process will not be applied correctly.)

  1. Click or type the customized link above, in the menu bar, go to Course Materials, then click the Search for Course Materials option. Selecting the My Personalized Course Materials button will not allow us to process your order accordingly.
  2. Follow the prompts to find your course materials (by selecting the semester, course code and number, and section), add to cart, repeat as needed. At the Shopping Cart screen, click Checkout.
  3. If you haven’t shopped with us before, create a new account for shipping/emailing purposes.
  4. Continue past the Shipping Method screen, then continue past the Gift Cards & Promotions screen to see the Payment Options screen.  The Sponsored button will be available as a payment method.
  5. Click the Sponsored button, then enter your 9-digit student number and click Complete Order.
Important Dates  
May 1 – May 17   Sponsored student purchase period
May 6  Term begins
May 17 Last day for Returns/Refunds for sponsored students
May 18 - May 29 End of purchase period – all purchases during this period are FINAL SALE
May 30 No further sponsored payments can be made


PLEASE NOTE:  Items purchased between May 18 - May 29 are FINAL SALE.  All digital course materials provided by the Bookstore are FINAL SALE.


How come I don’t see the Sponsored button?

If you do not see the Sponsored button, please ensure that you click or type the following customized link for purchasing your course materials: https://shop.sfu.ca/sponsoredstudent  Afterwards, the URL will appear as shop.sfu.ca—that is correct.  But, if you just navigate to shop.sfu.ca, the process will not work. 

What does it mean to be a Sponsored Student?

You are a Sponsored Student if you are eligible to receive third party sponsorship (i.e. funding from First Nations band, Métis organization, Inuit organization). 

Can I shop in person for physical books?

Yes! Browse the course floor for your textbooks if they are available as physical copies.  Please check textbook in-stock availability on https://shop.sfu.ca/Course/campus prior to coming on-site.  Bring the textbooks to the cashier, identify yourself as a Sponsored student and be ready to provide your SFU ID with your 9-digit student number.  The cashier can then cross-reference that you have been created in our system back end and complete your sponsored student transaction.

Can I shop in person for digital/eBooks?

Yes, you certainly can, but you don’t have to.  The easiest way is to purchase them from our Bookstore website. The redemption codes are emailed to you anyways, so it is your choice if you want to purchase these in person or online.

What if I don’t see any textbook or eBook listed for my course?

If a textbook does not appear on https://shop.sfu.ca/Course/campus , please check your detailed course outline and/or contact your professor to confirm.

I want a physical textbook but your online store says it’s Unavailable.

If the physical textbook is required and the limited quantities have sold out, you can choose to place a special order in-store at the Course Material Desk. 

Can I buy items that are not course materials at the Bookstore?

Most sponsors do not cover the cost of items that are not either textbooks or lab/school supplies (i.e. - example of categories not usually covered are clothing, backpacks, or giftware etc.). If you are unsure whether an item might be covered by your sponsorship funds – please reach out to your student sponsorship group before making your purchase.
If purchases made are outside of sponsorship guidelines, students are personally responsible for covering the cost of those items.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please email eshop@sfu.ca in the subject line, enter “Sponsored Student (enter your student number)” and email us your question.