The premium leather journals and covers are designed to inspire. Whether you're writing your favorite recipes, recording your special thoughts, or sketching that perfect rose, the hope is that the journals enhance your work. Pride is taken to ensure that each journal and cover are made of the highest quality and exceeds your expectations. 


The journals are made using a Venetian design that originated nearly two thousand years ago. Monks residing in monasteries in the province of Venice, Italy used them to preserve their knowledge, write biographies and record religious ideologies. This bookmaking method has  been kept alive through the ages by those who appreciate their rustic beauty.


Small journals are approximately 6" by 4.5". They contain roughly 200 pages of archival quality paper which is suitable for writing and sketching. This is a great size for a travel journal, as it takes little space in your luggage but is still large enough to easily write or sketch. They are exactly half as big as the medium journals.


Medium journals are approximately 9" by 6" and contain roughly 240 pages of archival quality paper. These are the best selling journals, as they are a perfect size for writing and sketching.


Large journals are approximately 11.5" by 8.5" and contain roughly 140 pages of acid free card stock which is suitable for writing, sketching, photos or scrapbooking. This paper is much heavier than that found in the smaller journals. This is a great size for artists looking for a stylish one of a kind sketch pad. This size is also often used as a guest book